Saturday, February 27, 2016

Before and After, Part 4: The Master Bedroom

The Master Bedroom
So while this was being transformed, Jon and I moved into the guest room so I could work on the master bedroom.  Looked pretty straightforward - pull down the mirrors, strip off the wallpaper:

But this room happened to have textured wallpaper that had been painted over twice!  And the walls hadn't been primed before putting up the wallpaper, so yeah...

This stuff is not coming off the walls.  AND there are patches of mold.  So we closed the door on our bedroom and have been sleeping in the guest room for 2 months.  Hopefully this will get finished in the next month, before we have family coming to visit!

We ended up having to rip all the walls out of the room to get rid of the mold.  We had new drywall put up, and then I painted.  It is much better.

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