Tuesday, December 28, 2004

New picture albums

Vacation continues... And so we've organized and uploaded a bunch of pictures. Check them out!

If you'd like to print any of these pictures, contact us. We have higher resolution images stashed away.

The pictures were organized in iPhoto on my Mac, and then exported to HTML through the BetterHTMLExport plugin.

Sunday, December 26, 2004

Hawaii Video Tour

We figured out how to use my video conferencing camera to take movies for you! If you were here, we'd give you a tour of our place; but since you're not, here is a virtual tour.

P.S. Mom, these videos are for you. Now you can check on the living conditions of your son and daughter-in-law (-;

If you can't see the videos, try downloading and installing DivX. If that doesn't work, email me (-;

Wonder how I did it? These movies were taken with my Apple iSight camera, using the Boinx iVeZeen movie capture software. They were then recompressed to DivX using Bink Video's Rad Video Tools.