Saturday, February 27, 2016

Before and After, Part 3: The Dining Room

(I am just now posting this series of posts from almost 5 years ago!  But better late than never!)

The Dining Room
This room needed to be done, because we use it all the time.  I am not a fan of mirrors but the people who lived here before us loved mirrors - they were in the dining room, the master bedroom, the backs of all the doors, BOTH all these mirrors had to come down.

All of those spots on the wall are places where the mirrors were attached and took chunks out of the drywall. So I sealed them with a drywall sealer, then went over them with joint compound.  I had to sand each one and wipe down the walls, then sealed the entire wall with drywall sealer.  I primed it and started the painting process.  It took several coats of paint to make the wall look uniform, because the sanded spots were smoother.  But it turned out.

Yes, I am proud of that wall.  (And I cut those mirror panels from the wall mirror in the bathroom that we just had re-done.  Proud of that, too.)

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