Saturday, February 27, 2016

Before and After, Part 2: Bathrooms

(I am just now posting this series of posts from almost 5 years ago!  But better late than never!)

The Master Bath

We agreed on re-doing this bathroom before we bought the house.  The grout in the shower had deteriorated completely, the faucet handle was falling off, and it sort of reminded me of my middle school gym locker room.  Once the contractor pulled off this layer of tile, he discovered ANOTHER layer of tile (the people who had the house before us must have loved layering!), behind which were rotted out support beams from hurricane damage that was never repaired.  But it all turned out in the end:


The Downstairs Half-Bath
We weren't going to do anything with this room for a while.  We just kept going upstairs when we had to use the bathroom.  But then I kind of had a bike accident and tore my ACL and needed to have surgery and not go up the stairs for a few weeks.  So this bathroom had to be remodeled, and fast.
You can't see all the damage, but the cabinet is completely rotted out underneath.  The toilet had leaked so much that the bolts rusted out and it couldn't even be attached to the floor anymore.  It was a mess.  So we found some contractors who could get it done quickly.
They gutted out the room and put in a new subfloor in one day.  They came back and tiled the floor in the evening, and the next morning I put two coats of paint on the walls.  In the afternoon they came back and installed the cabinet, toilet, and mirror.
So that is where I crutch to and from now as I'm recovering from my surgery.  Perhaps I just needed to sit down for a while.  Because I don't think I'll be ready to pick up another paintbrush for a LONG time.

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