Sunday, July 24, 2016

Estell(e) Family Reunion 2016 Genealogy

This weekend I had the privilege to attend the Estell(e) family reunion in Gadsden, Alabama.  The Estell(e)s are the warmest, friendliest, most loving people , and I am so grateful to have connected to this branch of my family!  I had the honor of presenting about our family history during the banquet.  Here are some of the family history charts I shared:

Our reunion consists of the descendants of John Estill, who was born in Tennessee in 1833. He had two brothers, Joseph and Charles, who came to Alabama with him. John and his wife, Matilda, had at least four children: Laura, Estill, Betsy D., and John Jr.  Those that attend this reunion are the descendants of Es and John Jr.  The name changed over time from Estill to Estell and Estelle.

Here is a chart listing Es Estell's children and grandchildren (those that I know of):

Here is a chart listing the children and grandchildren of John Estell, Jr (that I know of):

Es had at least 13 children, and John Jr. had 22, Which makes 35 children between them. They had over 150 grandchildren between them, so it is estimated that John Estill has over 1,000 descendants. We have an enormous family!

If you are part of this great Estell(e) family, let me know in the comments!  I am putting together a big family tree so we all know how we are connected, so please contact me to let me know how you are related! If you have more information or corrections, I would love to hear from you. 

Note: There are many people with the same names over several generations, so if you do not see someone listed, they may be in a generation that is more recent than what is listed here, or be a different person with the same name. This is only the children and grandchildren of Es and John Estell, Jr. I am a great-great-grandaughter of Es Estell, so there are several generations not listed here. It would just be too big!