Thursday, February 5, 2009

Just in time for the inauguration...

...we are reminded that there is still, unfortunately, reason to be fearful and sad about the lack of progress in our society. At a time when there should be great growth and unity, instead there is an enormous surge in the number of people joining white supremacist groups and committing hate crimes. I have lived through hate crimes. My neighbors were white supremacists. We don't need more hate--we need more of our wounds to heal.

Suggested reading: The Hidden Wound by Wendell Berry. The most enlightening book I have EVER read on racism. You cannot hurt another person without hurting yourself.

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Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more. This election has spurred great hatred, to a feverish point, and it's not about the politics... it's about the person in the White House.

I have been so disappointed in my fellow white community. Instead of healing and moving FORWARD with our multi-cultural country, people are somehow projecting this idea of demanding "their" country back under the guise of color and God. It is appalling and embarrassing to see how much fear this has sparked in the white community. At least we can see it for what it is now, instead of hiding in the shadows. Not ALL of us feel this way!

We are never going to grow as a planet, multi-cultural societies, if we do not learn how to appreciate what each culture has to offer. It is a huge wound for me, personally.