Friday, August 6, 2010

Heritage Restored

Check out a preview of Heritage Restored below:

This has been a wonderful journey for me, and it's not over yet!  For those of you who are family, I hope that as you read this book you will be inspired to share more stories and photos, so each of these lines can have their own history.  For my friends, thanks for supporting me in undertaking this project.  Thanks to all of you for being part of preserving family history with me.


Anonymous said...

It was great meeting You for the first time while u were taking this trip in the past. You and ur husband have did a wonderful thing. I am proud to be related to you both, Love always Lena

Trina said...

Just want to shout out a big congratulations from Idaho on completing your book! It looks wonderful, and now I can say I have a good friend who is an author. Way to go!!
Love: Trina & Co.

Sarah said...

Kristen, you are amazing! Congratulations on finishing. That's quite an accomplishment. It looks wonderfun.