Monday, November 16, 2009

Calling All Bookers!

I am looking into organizing a family reunion for Bookers descended from Daniel Booker (born 1819 in Virginia as a slave, died in Talladega county, Alabama). We have a rich heritage and a LOT of cousins across the country, so it's about time we get together and celebrate!

Daniel Booker was married to Rachael Welch (and possibly to another woman whose name is unknown), and had the following children:

John (m. Celia Reynolds)

David (m. Willie ?)

Julia Ann (m. Philip Long)

Thomas (m. Tilla Rivers, Nannie Allen)

Basil M. (m. Mattie Pope)

Lafayette (m. Martha Thomas, Ella Reynolds)

Robert Lee (m. Georgia Willis, Etta Lawler)

William Sherman (m. Caroline "Callie" Jemison)

Wesley Scott (m. Jennie Halmon, Estella ?)


Nannie (m. Paul Chapman)

Ann E.

Most of Daniel Booker's descendants either stayed in Alabama or moved to Chicago, New York, and Detroit, and then spread out from there. Please contact me if you are related, interested in getting together for a family reunion, or would like help to see if you are connected to this family.

Also check out this family tree on RootsWeb to get more information on the descendants of Daniel Booker.

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littlerx said...

My brothers and sister is interested in a family reunion. I contact other members of our family. Keep me post. Renee Williams